Dar Almasalla
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Dar Almasalla is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Riyadh. the Company started in 2009 and its idea was centered on Making exclusivity in homes It has always taken it upon itself to deliver excellence to customers with the highest possible quality,

which was later registered as a trademark concerned and specialized in Making exclusivity and sophistication. Dar Al-Masalla Company specializes in designing and installing washbasins, sanitary materials, natural marble, and home accessories. They also have a team of creatives specialized in decorations and interior design. Dar Al-Masala serves its customers in Riyadh through two branches and provides design, detailing, and installation services for washbasins. At Dar Almasalla, they also offer a range of pre-made washbasins options, sanitary items, and bathroom accessories.

The company was existed for 10 years ago, serving customers with good taste and those looking for sophistication and luxury, as the company’s customers are middle to high-income people who want the luxury piece in their homes.

What we did:

Brand positioning

Communication strategy


Brand Identity
Digital Identity
Brand Guidelines


Integration support
User Interface
User experience


Photography direction
Marketing plan

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