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During its initial launch phases, the Wfrah project achieved significant success by being featured on the largest website dedicated to brand design, World Brand Design, as well as on Behance.
Wfrah Platform
Abed Al-Latif
Brand Identity Design
Freelancer / Agency:
Moe Al Hakim
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Introducing Wafra Platform: an innovative system for managing small and medium-sized farms, specifically designed for animal production control. Our service, accessible via a user-friendly app available on both Android and iOS devices, aims to optimize livestock operations. By leveraging statistical insights, we enhance both the quality and volume of animal production.

the target demographic includes males aged 27-55, addressing key production challenges and potentially increasing quality by up to 95%. Our marketing strategy primarily revolves around Instagram, ensuring effective outreach to our target audience. The logo, featuring a windmill motif, symbolizes productivity and perpetual movement, aligning perfectly with our company's core mission of enhancing productivity in animal production.

Wafra platform service is a system for managing and monitoring small and medium animal production farms.It is an automation of animal production farms systems and curricula that have been automated in the form of an electronic application that supports telephone devices.Wafrah Platforms enables producers to optimize and develop Android & IOS and tablets that run on both platforms.The productive quality of the livestock herds of sheep and goats in their farms, and we also help them in raising the volume of production as well as the production capacity From the cognitive and operational point of view, its cyclical activities and stages, we also help them to provide statistical and analytical data for the situation.

Production and farm in terms of veterinary stock, fodder, production level, and production volume.Wfrah word it’s means (a lot) in the Arabic language.The problem faced by the customer was to link the concept of the company to the identity, or in other words, to show the continuity of production and the abundance of production, and here the solution came in the new brand, the continuity of movement and the permanence of productionThe target audience is males between the ages of 27 to 55 years, and one of his characteristics is that he is an employee, his wife, and a frequent consumer of meatThe solutions that are offered in the Wafra project are a solution to the problem of poor production quality and low production volume, which ranges from 37% and raise it up to 95%The way to reach customers will be through social media and the importance of Instagram.

The logomark is a geometric representation of a windmill or movement because it is constantly moving and productive, and it can be seen from a far place because of its high height, and also many windmills are placed in a high place where they can monitor the movement of air, and this is the company’s concept is to increase productivity.The logotype has many meanings, it was collected in one simple and perfect logo to fit the project completely, as all the elements signify productivity, infinity, life, and most importantly, they are present in the farms. The sun, the windmill and the rose are closely related to each other, the movement is tied in a clockwise direction.

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