Texas Barbecue | Brand Identity Design
After designing the brand identity for Texas Barbecue restaurant in Dubai and launching the project on social media, the project achieved remarkable success as expected. It received numerous features, including one from World Brand Design platform.
Texas Barbecue | Fast Food
Brand Identity Design
Freelancer / Agency:
Rami Jbara
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A modern American restaurant in terms of style and cuisine, specializing in steak and burgers, based in the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2015, with 5 branches in the UAE and 3 branches in Saudi Arabia, restaurants are distributed in famous and tourist places in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, and Jeddah.

This restaurant offers a unique customer experience where customers will feel the delicious taste before they even eat, and they will feel the atmosphere of Texas literally in terms of taste, packaging, even the way of talking, the restaurant decor, the way of presentation, and almost everything.

the primary goal is to be the owners of a unique experience and to connect the concept of the name of the restaurant with the experience we will provide to customers. the prices are quite high and our ideal client is the tourist looking for a great experience and great taste.

Target segment: Young people between 16-30 years old, Men between 30-45 years old, Women and young women between 16-35 years Current geographical area: United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The future of the Arab world, especially Egypt, and then Turkey and the world In the restaurant, we also offer healthy meals, as we do not want the consumer to present healthy foods and change the concept of healthy eating in his life, and show him the taste of healthy food that we prepare Style: Modern, powerful, energetic, and energetic.

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