Taj Class | Bronze Award 2022
Our founder and CEO have been awarded the Gridliners Award in the brand identity redesign category in 2022.
Taj Class | Bronze Award 2022
Qais Haddadin
Identity redesign
Freelancer / Agency:
Rami Jbara , Laith Aljunaidy
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We are proud of the success achieved by our project, Taj Class! The project was nominated in the Gridliners competition for its second year in 2022 in the Brand Identity Redesign category.

Thanks to Allah, we started 2023 with a unique achievement, securing the third place and the bronze award in the Gridliners Awards 2022 competition. It was an honor for us to participate in such international competitions, the first of its kind in the Arab world.

We would like to extend our special thanks to the judging panel and the organizers of this wonderful event, and we thank our clients for their trust in us to execute the new brand identity for Taj Class company in Jordan.

Taj class with one mission that says (Keeping and caring the Beauty).
Largest Arabic website for beauty products Tai Class is a passionate beauty brand born with the mission of helping women to find the best Beauty products Online.
The visual identity created for Tai Class is simple and memorable and distinct. It is centered on two elements a logotype and a symbol.

A solution had to be found in the brand identity. The solution was to focus on the brand’s mission ( Keeping and caring the beauty). The solution was in front of us at the beginning of time, which is the embodiment of the brand name ( Taj ), which means Arabic (crown), but we needed to deviate from the ordinary and think outside the box. We began to search and pay attention to the elements of beauty that come to everyone’s mind, especially women.

The elements are as follows (coincidence, paper fan, water fountain, rainbow, jewelry, etc.) And all of these things could be found in the ancient Egyptian queen. She was characterized by beauty, influence, and most importantly, the shape of the crown on her head was the embodiment of the brand. The logo has been designed with precision and care based on the correct proportions and has been given the correct curves to represent the shape of a crown and most importantly to denote femininity.

The brand is present in Jordan and in the future, it will manufacture its own products, which bear the brand name Taj Class The packaging was designed in a way that attracts people’s attention and focuses on the brand name (text logo) and typography was used in all designs away from the images in order to keep the focus and attention on the colors, fonts, and brand name as well, and the most important thing is to give that feeling of luxury and beauty

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