Level | Brand Identity Redesign
After a few days of launching the project, we were awarded a feature by one of the largest websites specializing in brand design (World Brand Design), and it was shared across all social media platforms.
Level | Tableware & Crystal Retailer
Omran Alkwari
Brand Identity Redesign
Freelancer / Agency:
Moe Selwaye, Motaz Alfaisal
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Level is a Qatar-based tableware & crystal retailer. It was established in 2021 with a goal to provide the best products and elevate the dining experience for its customers. Level’s vision is to become the most reliable tableware and crystal retailer in the area and establish their own private label.Today, Level provides a wide range of high-quality table and dinnerware in addition to crystals and works with many brands and designers worldwide to provide variety in style and material.

The brand has become well-known in its market for its elegant style, luxurious designs and high-quality products and expanding to cover other markets as well.The Qatar-based brand, Level, has appointed us at Mpire to develop a new and revolutionary visual identity to suit their new strategy and create a memorable brand to distinguish them from other competitors.The new identity reflects their modernity in approach and services as well, embodies the history of this industry and demonstrates both luxury and precision.

The new logo was designed with outstanding balance and accuracy to represent the brand’s values as well as giving a shape similar to an old royal castle/palace as a sign of luxury and power. In the middle of the logo, above the letter “V”, you can see a jewel or a star to indicate the brand vision for the future, as well as an indication that Level’s products will be the precious jewels of your kitchen just like the jewel above the logotype. The brand colours also symbolize trustworthiness, power, luxury, nobility and craftmanship which are basically the brand attributes.

The logo elements such as the letter L and the jewel were also used to compose the patterns which were used in the packaging and other graphical elements.The brand communication language and tone have been developed as well to be more direct, trustworthy and sophisticated to ease the communications and convey the brand core and values properly.

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